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What do Clients get for LONDANA
being in the Cloud?

  No need to install anything!

 Software always Up-to- date

 Access from anywhere

 More Security

 Better Backups

 Fewer Costs



  You do no need to install anything in order to have immediate access to our Management Software and you no longer need to worry about Servers, Databases, Backups, Installation and Maintenance of your Management Software.

It is in here, in the "You do not need to install anything", that our advantages and lower costs begin

Yes, because "You do not need to install anything", in order to compare our costs with the ones of solutions outside the Cloud, it is not enough just to compare the price of our Subscription to those of traditional licenses.

You need to add the costs of those licenses to all costs that arise from the installation, management and maintenance of the hardware and software required.


And as well as the costs of all troubles derived from such hardware and software and from the lack of mobility needed to access your information anywhere, anytime.



 Software Always up-to-date: Customers will always have their Management Software updated to the latest version, i.e., they can rely on more and better facilities and fewer problems.. And without having to do anything or being interrupted in your tasks.



 Access from anywhere: the information is in secure servers in the Web and can be accessed by any authorized party, anytime, anywhere.


And what about your installation? Is your network having problems?


All it takes is a Mobile Internet device and you can continue working anywhere!



 More Security: the access to information is done through logins and safe passwords and also through the secure protocol https  and you can restrict the IPs from which each login can be connected to.


Want some of your employees to be granted access, for instance, only from your facilities?


No problem. The logins can be parameterized so they can have access to our Applications only from the IP addresses of those facilities.



 Better backups  

We offer what is not within the reach of most Organizations that keep their data in their own facilities.

We offer backups and alternative replicas in at least 3 installations located in 2 countries. And, as Customers please, they can still subscribe and get a regular copy of their data for their own facilities.



 Fewer Costs: you can save, from the very start, both human and material resources needed for traditional Applications to work properly.


Moreover, there is a whole support that makes it more economic and efficient, as it is based on the Cloud, including our Helpdesk / Web-Based Support and also our Consultancy on the Cloud.



 In short, More Satisfaction, Mobility, Security and Fewer Costs!


LONDANA is always ready to support you!