Development of Web-Based Applications and Sites

We develop and provide Web-Based Applications on the Cloud, including Sites, for all kinds of Organizations.

We develop, provide and maintain websites for the sole divulgation of your Organization and/or to interact, in a more advanced way, with whomever you wish to relate with over the Web on the Cloud: Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Associates, Users and the General Public.

We develop, provide and maintain Web-Based Applications on the Cloud in order to meet the needs not covered by ready-to-use Management Applications available in the Market nowadays, which we also provide.

The Solutions on the Cloud are one of our most important differentiations. Our Customers benefit greatly from the advantages of the Cloud through our Solutions and Experience on the Cloud of over 10 years. You can check out the advantages of the Cloud on the following webpage:

The 5 Advantages of Web-Based Solutions, on the Cloud


We offer Management Applications on the Cloud for almost all Areas of Organizations, as seen on the pages of our Website. We also offer tools oriented to the Optimization of Organizational Processes, namely BPM / Workflows, Document Management, Business Intelligence / KPIs and E-learning.


Therefore, with regard to the approach to meet the needs and issues of Organizations, firstly is the subscription of our Applications and/or Services backed on our tools for the Optimization of their Processes. This is the fastest and most economical way. Either our Applications or Tools, which include the use of Market Standards, such as Process Maker, Alfresco, Pentaho and Moodle, allow a high degree of adaptation to the specific realities of each Organization.


Nevertheless, as mentioned above, there are particularities that may justify specific developments for a given Organization, starting from its own Website, which must present some distinguishable aspects. However, there are other ones, particularly to complement its ERP and to get connected, over the Web and in a smart way, to Communities deemed relevant to the Organization concerned, from Customers and Suppliers to Employees, Associates, Users and the General Public.


For cases like these, for such developments, you can also count on us!


However, it should be noted that we opt 100% for the Cloud, we only make developments for the Cloud, on Servers we provide and maintain along with the software updated and necessary for our work and for agile and quick projects ranging from weeks to a few months only.


We do not engage in traditional On-Site developments in the Customers’ facilities. This aspect makes our projects much faster and more economical as they do not involve travel, compatibilities and issues with the Customers’ Systems, which are obviously unknown to us and imply different cases.


Our Solutions go through the use of our Standard Servers on the Cloud (Windows, IIS, Tomcat, Postgresql, Java as well as a whole set of standard tools available in the market).


Servers where our Web-Based Applications will work and have a secure access via Internet, backups on Alternative Servers and made available to Customers. Should the Solutions have to share data with existing Applications installed in the Customers’ premises, interfaces will be then developed so the information can be exchanged, keeping, however, the independence among the Systems.


Opting for the Cloud also facilitates the use of our Network of Consultants and Programmers located in several countries, thus benefiting from those having the most appropriate expertise in each Project, making its implementation faster and more economical. Our prices and terms, both extremely competitive, are only possible under this context.


Of course, you may have doubts about how this works and whether it is faster and more economical than traditional solutions without security and quality losses, on the contrary. Just tell us which organizational need you aim to meet, which issues you need to solve, and we will explain how to do it on the Cloud, within our working model.



The Particular Case regarding Websites


As mentioned above, we develop and maintain websites, whether for the sole divulgation of your Organization or to interact, in a more advanced way, with whoever you want.


Our Solution is based on high quality technologies, presents a modern design and many features.


A nossa Solução  baseia-se em tecnologias de alta qualidade, com design moderno e muitas funcionalidades. Algumas das funcionalidades que podemos ligar aos Sites que desenvolvemos podem ser aprofundadas com um click no link a seguir:


Process Optimization – Services and Tools.


We provide the hosting of Websites and Applications through a user friendly interface, which allows, in the case of the websites, content management, without requiring special technical expertise from you – leave it up to us.


Nothing to install – you just need Internet access and that is it!


And all that for a friendly, extremely competitive price.  


Meet the needs and solve the issues of your Organization with our Solutions, and Rent on the Cloud!